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WWould you believe it if someone told you that the secret of youth is… fishes? And that this is not a homemade granny technique but a real, scientific discovery?

Somewhere in California, in San Diego, there’s a well-famed clinic owned by a European plastic surgeon Mark Dobke. Dobke, MD, is a board-certified plastic surgeon with expertise in aesthetic and reconstructive surgery of the breast and in facial rejuvenation, as well as in the application of new technologies in cosmetic surgery.

His clinic has been credited for the beautiful appearances of governors, presidents, billionaires and the biggest movie and stage stars such as Salma Hayek and Arnold Schwarzenegger. How is this so?

Salma Hayek in age of 52 yo

LOS ANGELES, CA. January 07, 2018: Salma Hayek at the 75th Annual Golden Globe Awards at the Beverly Hilton Hotel..© 2018 Paul Smith/Featureflash

Secret collagen

Their main secret lies not only in the modern equipment, talented staff or the genius of Dobke but also in the substances they use. Particularly one of them which is backed by research. Let’s get to the point.

The revolutionary research was held in the nineties. Polish scientists managed to extract the collagen from fishes’ skin at the molecular level. Contrary to beliefs, this more primitive structure of collagen turned out to be more effective due to the biocompatibility with humans. These findings created the only real, live collagen. Not just something that used lab made collagens as in case of the cheaper bovine collagen.

Fish collagen’s magic comes down to its temperature-dependent interaction, which does start under around 36 celsius degrees (which is just like human’s skin temperature).

illustrative example of collagen easily being absorbed by the skin lacking cells

Such a solution has been patented and is being used only by The Collagen Company and due to it’s effectiveness has gained an appreciation of Dobke.

Partnership with Dobke

As mentioned above, Mark Dobke has been connected with The Collagen Company for a long time. Dozens of kilograms of natural fish collagen have been sent to him to serve his demanding clients.

Why were his needs so huge? Well, there are a few reasons.

photo of professor Mark Dobke

Dobke knew that recovery care is as important as the quality of his clinics’ services and that’s why he chose natural fish collagen, which is highly effective in terms of regeneration. It does stimulate cells to breed and regenerate. Boosting this process makesit perfect to conceal any post-surgical marks as well as prolong the aesthetic effect and keep  ones youthful appearance much longer. That made Dobke’s work undoubtedly more successful than others.

Hollywood-used collagen available for you?

Although this case study of Dobke, Salma Hayek, Arnold Shwarzenegger and all the american elite presents the fish collagen produced by The Collagen Company in a quite luxurious way, the product itself is not an unattainable good for all of us.*

Obviously, traveling to the USA and visiting Dobke’s clinic could be an effective way to attain a youthful appearance. However, it’s a very expensive process.

That is why we have made it accessible at an affordable price so that it becomes staple in everyone’s skin care regimen.

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