Nobody says that youcan not stop time

WWhat do Hollywood stars like Salma Hayek do to keep their skin looking flawlessly youthful? You'll be surprised, but it's not cosmetic surgery or thousands of dollars worth of cosmetics. The solution is much simpler...

1. Prevent and fight the causes instead of masking the signs of aging.

After the age of 40, collagen production in the body reduces to almost zero. The cells forget how to produce, grow and regenerate themselves. This is the time when the skin quickly loses elasticity and firmness, and the skin sags.

This changes the oval of the face and creates more wrinkles around the eyes and eyelids. Over time, this process affects the entire face.

Many women unsuccessfully seek help through cosmetic treatments or various types of dermocosmetics. But the solution lies somewhere else. The solution lies in the use of active collagen peptides.

Signal peptides released to the skin are perceived as a call for the production of elastin and collagen. The effect is the reconstruction of the lattice of these proteins, so that the skin has a reduction of wrinkles, smoother skin and improved firmness.

2. Choose quality cosmetics with live collagen instead of collagen cadavers.

You already know that the body needs a "collagen boost". But which one?

Caution: The word collagen has become so fashionable lately that it refers to numerous cosmetic products that contain collagen hydrates, for example. If you have a choice, you should focus on products with fish collagen.

Currently, the first and only patent in the world for the production of fish collagen is owned by The Collagen Company. Their collagen products can not only slow down the formation of new wrinkles in the skin, but also stop them for a certain time.

 It is real, live collagen and not just something that used to be collagen - as happens with cheaper bovine collagen.

Kollagen und sein Einfluss auf den Alterungsprozess

3. Moisturize your skin to improve collagen absorption and increase radiance.

Moisturized skin has almost 10 times more permeability! If you add to this the effective collagen PURE from The Collagen Company, which thanks to its structure is perfectly absorbed into the epidermis.... We get a real panacea against the signs of aging!

So if you've been taking Collagen PURE, make sure you drink plenty of water, because the best way to improve skin hydration is from the inside out.

4. Choose proven means suggesting recommendations and research

You are not the first to want to get rid of wrinkles. Don't waste time experimenting. Reach for cosmetics that really work.

Collagen PURE was tested and developed in the European laboratories of Hamilton Group. It is the result of work and research carried out since 2004.

What if we told you that the patented fish collagen is used by world famous surgeons and doctors in Hollywood? That it was used by Salma Hayek or Arnold Schwarzenegger? The best always choose the best.


5. Do not forget antioxidation for better collagen absorption.

 Dirty and clogged skin pores do no good. And the cleansed ones?

They support collagen treatment. The accumulation of sweat, sebum and impurities on the skin contributes to skin irritation and inflammation, as well as faster skin aging. Avoid this by cleansing your skin after every makeup application and morning and night to remove bacteria and mites that live in your bedding, for example.

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At The Collagen Company, we don't fight the effects. We always strike at the cause


By cleansing your skin regularly, you increase the chances of collagen reaching your stem cells effectively, while slowing down the aging process.

By cleansing your skin regularly, you increase the chances of collagen reaching your stem cells effectively, while slowing down the aging process.

What do users of PURE collagen say?

It's about youth. It's about beauty. It's about you.